California Waterfalls…Beautiful hikes in your own backyard.

Who says you’ve got to go as far as Hawaii to see waterfalls? There might be a paradise in your own backyard. Yes, California has a handful of beautiful waterfalls to see! When hiking with your pet, always do your research ahead of time. Check park websites for fees and guidelines to be safe. When […]

Common Holiday Foods Unsafe For Pets…

Common holiday foods unsafe for pets… *Alcohol- can lead to coma or death *Bones- Stomach lacerations or death *Avocado- Diarrhea *Raisins- Can cause kidney failure, which can lead to death *Dairy- Diarrhea, illness *Mushrooms- Death *Caffeine- Toxic to the heart and nervous system which could lead to death. *Walnuts/macadamias- Can cause damage to the nervous […]

Being a pet owner during Covid -19. How to manage appointments, and travel safely.

If you have tried scheduling your pet for simple vaccines you know what I mean!  During the Covid-19 pandemic there are no longer any stand in line vaccine “clinics” available, which means we all need an appointment  So don’t think your appointment will be scheduled anytime soon.  Call ahead to find out just how pets […]

Remember Halloween safety through the month of October!

Halloween safety tips… Store your candy in a safe spot, sealed and AWAY from your pets. Candy can be dangerous to pets… Chocolate is toxic, especially dark. Sugar free candy or gum containing xylitol is very deadly to pets. Glow sticks are very common around  Halloween and contain a liquid toxic to pets.  Do not […]