Holiday gift ideas sure to wag a tail or wiggle a whisker…

Holiday gift ideas sure to wag a tail or wiggle a whisker…

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    1. This is Giovanna wanting to remind you that pet insurance is not just for dogs and cats….

      All pets are family from the 2 legged to four legged, whether its fur, feathers or scales…. We definitely love them all.

      And when they become ill, they need care too.
      From the routine exam to diagnostics, and or treatment.  All of which we know too well.  Something that can get very expensive very  quickly.

      Be prepared and look into pet insurance before injury or illness.

      Nationwide pet insurance says you’re covered!
      Save money, and feel safe with coverage for birds, reptiles and other exotics.
      Follow the link for more detailed information regarding eligible pets and average treatment costs……

    2. The various sleeping patterns of animals and why…

      Who do you think requires the most sleep, a koala bear? Or a little pocket mouse?

      Tuck Research has the answers to these questions and more.

      “While sleep patterns vary widely among animal classes and species, there are a few general rules of thumb. Sleep serves important evolutionary functions for all animals, but sleep patterns and positioning are based in large part on available food supply and defense mechanisms.

      Sleep helps animals consolidate”

      Continue Reading…

    3. This is the new addition to our outdoor terrarium. I love it!

      Outdoor terrariums are so much fun!
      But always make sure its kept up, so not to be a breeding ground for mosquitos.

      Mosquitos can transmit so many diseases that can be harmful to both you and your pet.  The very well known zika virus that spread to people, and of course heartworm that can be transmitted to your pet.
      Did you know there are over ten diseases that can be transmitted by mosquitos?

      Fish are always a good idea in a terrarium, to keep mosquito larvae out of your pond.

      They are so easy to build, and when kept up so beautiful.  I don’t remember a Summer without dragonflies. 

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