Your pumpkin is a superfood!  The health benefits of pumpkin for your pet….

Your pumpkin is a superfood!  The health benefits of pumpkin for your pet….

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    1. Southwest joins other airlines in ban of support dogs, effective March 1st.  The decision comes from a growing amount of incidents and injury… a result of untrained pets on flights.  Trained service dogs are still allowed to fly Southwest among other airlines.
      “Pets who had previously traveled as emotional support on Southwest Airlines will still be allowed to travel, but only as part of the airline’s pets program. Only small cats and dogs are allowed in the cabin and owners are required to pay a $95 fee per pet.”  Always check ahead of time for information and guidelines, as well as policy changes.

      To read more……

    2. Download the Fidomingle App!! Become a member and take advantage of unlimited document saving/sending features, as well as scheduling reminders, in app messaging, and more. Get organized! Have records with you during travel, search clinics of destination or local… We’ve got you covered, all in one app! 👍🐾

      Get it on Google Play.


    3. Assistance for pet owners during Covid times…..

      San Diego Humane Society Pet Pantry…

      Helen Woodwards Animeals Relief Program…

      Face Foundation assists with emergency veterinary care for those suffering financial hardship….

      Pets in Need offers assistance for low income for those in San Mateo and Santa Clara County….

      Animal Rescue Mission Los Angeles pet foster program assisting Covid Positive pet owners needing care for pets during their recovery….

      Feeding San Diego helping those in need of Grocery assistance to help ease the family grocery bill…

      Or contact your nearest shelter for assistance during these hard times…..

      Pets are family, we make it through together ❤🐾

    4. Feeling rushed, and no time to give your pet a bath? Get em smelling fresh quick with this!! Dermoscent Essential Mousse for dogs AND cats. I love this stuff, I use it during the winter on my senior boy as it’s hard to get him in the tub and too cold to rinse outside. Yes baths are always better, but when you’re in a hurry sometimes like me, this is great 😉
      You can pick it up just about anywhere……
      Walmart, pet stores, & some vet clinics.

    5. Recent wildfires, remind us that wildfire season continues throughout the year here in California.  Never wait until last minute, have a plan ready for your family and pets.  ***Create a small list of quick grabs in case of emergency.  Have pet supplies readily available… Food, water, harness, leash, along with crates or pet carriers for cats.  Have to go bag for your elderly… Medications etc.  Plan ahead and prepare your home….

      In the picture, the Blueridge Fire burning in Chino Hills…

    6. Petco has ended their sales of human and bark activated shock collars both in store and online. With good reason, as they say “shock collars have been shown to increase fear, anxiety and stress levels in dogs. In contrast, studies have shown that dogs respond effectively to positive, voluntary and rewards-based training.”  England had similar feelings, in 2018 they made the announcement to ban all shock collars….

      Sounds like they might become a thing of the past. Petco has started campaigning for new guidelines when it comes to shock collars and asking for others to follow their lead with a petition online….

    7. Needing your coffee fix?? I know the purrrrfect place to take a break with some furry friends. The Cat & Craft Cafe located on Business Park in Vista.
      In the picture are some cuties from their facebook page Cat & Craft – Cafe.
      It’s said no pass is needed to enjoy the coffee and bakery, BUT a reservation is needed to enjoy some time with the cats. The cats are all fosters, so if you make a connection, you might even be taking home your new forever friend.
      Follow the link for covid -19 safety guidelines, reservations, and more info @ the Cat Cafe…

    8. Sources say flea bite is to blame for South Lake Tahoe resident testing positive for the plague.

      Although rare it is possible to get the plague, especially in areas of rodents and squirrels.  Just one of many other diseases that fleas and ticks carry. Another reason to be careful when hiking and always use flea n tick prevention on your pets.  A good idea to consider products like Off or other similar bug repellants for yourself too when hiking around lakes, and canyons.  Its not just fleas that transmit disease, mosquitos and ticks do too.

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